Toussaint Jeanlouis

What I Create is: Where, When, and How I Live.

Actor, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Boxing Instructor.

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"I yank down my shorts and shit." When it hits you 'AFTERWARD'

There are many questions I'm asking myself now. But something I've learned is, sometimes, no matter how hard it is, the best you can do is just listen. Most times there isn't a hero; there are loved ones. Let them know you love them.

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How Do You Navigate the World?

I often wonder how you navigate the world with all the chaos going on at the moment and find peace and stillness on stage. There is a longing for escapism, but you only escape to be in another "real world." Some days it can be too much and I don't know how exactly I get through the nights.

I have to say there are some outlets like the gym, making dinner for friends, or calling a relative far away. But once again you return to your own world and can feel everything that is happening off stage within you. 

What is your version of a perfect world?