Toussaint Jeanlouis

What I Create is: Where, When, and How I Live.

Actor, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Boxing Instructor.


You want to get fit?

I train individuals one-on-one, couples, and groups. My fitness background includes Martial Arts (Taekwondo), Boxing, Basketball, and Dance. I am a Personal Trainer Certified by the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). I am also a Professional Actor.

My passion is to help others commit to living a healthy lifestyle and achieving their fitness and life goals. I'm a well-rounded individual who understands that fitness is not just about hitting the gym or eating the right foods, but a continuos journey towards building a full and happy life.


Prices and Package Deals

  • Private Session $100
  • 2+ Sessions a week $85 each
  • Couples Session $75 each
  • Group Session (5+) $50 each

Each session is an hour long and includes a cool down with stretching.

Email me to get started!