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Actor, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Boxing Instructor.

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Brooklyn Web Fest

So this has been the most amazing last two days I have spent listening, viewing, and speaking with fellow Artists, Producers, Writers, Actors, Filmmakers, (gasp!) the list goes on and it's just so fantastic! This was the inaugural year for Brooklyn Web Fest, bringing together Artists who have created web series, and panelists who can speak about marketing and producing content.

I came to view the screening of my CalArts Alumni Ian Verdun and his first ever webseries he has written called Life Is A Drag Series - he won Best Premiere Web Series! I was also able to watch other phenomenal web series - all have inspired me! The panel discussions were informative, from how to promote content through social media and how to sell your content in a market(s) that will support you! My head hurts from all the information it was filled with and I could not be more thankful to the founders for creating such a dynamic community! I will be back next year!


JITTERBUG written by Emma Stanton and directed by Marina McClure. November 4, 2015 @ 7:30 in Dixon Place.  

JITTERBUG written by Emma Stanton and directed by Marina McClure. November 4, 2015 @ 7:30 in Dixon Place.  

I am so happy to be a member of this cast and work on this brilliant work! I get to dance on rollerblades - maybe.

I have been asking questions non-stop!  Call it character work, but I think it's Me work! - which is great that a work can make you ask so many relevant questions!

When I begin working on a new project and it's in alignment with every thought, insecurity, and feeling I say "Thank you. Thank you for understanding we all have questions without answers. Thank you for letting me see my own potential. Thank you for letting me do the work necessary to be a better Human Being. Thank you for helping me to understand so that I may communicate in and navigate throughout this world. Thank you."

Remembering: The Butterfly Effect

What is mundane and repetitive is the lack of patience. To stop and say hello. To make eye contact. To hold one another just a little bit longer. 

With all the chaos, wouldn't that be nice? To be able to speak freely. To love. To enjoy life and not be caught up by the looming fear constantly shoved in our ears and eyes while awake and asleep.

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#Naked #Battle

Showing up is half the battle even if you're naked.

Sometimes it takes me a while to get out of the house because I can't figure out what to wear. After some thought I realized, that the people don't really care what I'm wearing but that I show up and be present. So instead of feeling insecure about what-not-to-wear, just be confident, smile, and get out there! If you're naked, you can still have fun!