Toussaint Jeanlouis

What I Create is: Where, When, and How I Live.

Actor, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Boxing Instructor.


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Excited that I get to share some time with Jeff McMahon at Dixon Place on July 12th and present 10 minutes of a work in progress titled Cotton: Comfortable is Uncomfortable. 


The section I'm presenting is 'Economic : Freedom.'


I'm looking at the relationship of a "Master and Slave." I'm interested in self-discovery - the violence of it. In order to discover your origin, you have to cut down old beliefs to see the threads you come from. What fabrications have we woven together and wear daily? Did we weave this by our own hands? Digging into the layers of this superficial relationship "Master and Slave" in search of common and uncommon explanations of why and how we might find ourselves comfortable - unconsciously or consciously, in these roles. If you've ever asked yourself "Why do I love What/Who I love? Is this Love?" we can continue that conversation. If you've never asked yourself that question, we can begin tracing these threads back to bare.


"This is not about Black and White. It is about Nostalgia and the loss of Childhood; the Realization that Dreams don't always come True. Those things that we believe are comfortable are uncomfortable and the things we think are uncomfortable are comfortable."